So - are they going to open your email or not?

That all depends on your subject line.

You've only got one shot at getting it right ...

... and Subject Line Sandbox is here to help you craft your subject lines well enough to get your marketing emails opened every single time they land in your prospect's inbox.


The blog (http://www.subjectlinesandbox.blogspot.com) is a daily collection of marketing email subject lines, listed by category, and with convenient links for you to find out more about the marketer and their product.

Glancing through all 300+ subject lines each day - from the brilliantly effective to the eye-wateringly awful - will give you a feel for what works and what doesn't.  

Every now and then there's also a helpful comment from the recipient's point of view - just to remind you, for example, never to write a subject line that just screams out for a  negative response.

Pretty soon you'll develop the knack of defining what makes a subject line good, bad or - worst of all - indifferent, and applying that knowledge to the ones you write.

The website (http://www.subjectlinesandbox.com) is a veritable "Who's Who" of internet marketing, and which also contains a certain amount of spam-flavoured amusement for when it all gets a bit too serious.