Success Pathways, LLC (SPW) was established in 2010. SPW is MBE based in Maryland, USA.

To accomplish its mission, SPW provides various products and services (Pathways) to individual professionals, business owners, and organizations.

The company offers:

1. Technical,
2. Project management,
3. Business and managerial training, and
4. Leadership workshops.

Our programs are designed to:

1. Prepare the unemployed workforce for employment;
2. Empower employees to improve performance and operational efficiency, create synergy among all key stakeholders, boost employee morale, reinforce alignment, increase profitability; and
3. Equip managers and supervisors with leadership skills.
4. SPW customizes its programs to align with our clients’ needs. No two programs on the same theme are ever the same since we take extra measures to tailor each program and makes it appropriate and timely to address the particular challenges of our clients from diverse industries. Our programs are dynamic, engaging. Participants find them educational, and fun at the same time. Success Pathways is a certified MBE.