The idea of Sumac Space emerged before the current global pandemic lockdown. The restrictions gave us time and we accepted the challenge to finally turn our idea into action.

We aim to activate imagination against the perils of the attention economy within the avalanche of digital representation. Now more than ever we need to rethink the use of the World Wide Web, as well as experimenting with new/old forms, new ways to meet by (re)using current channels of communication and their potential. Recognizing this, the web can be useful both as an alternative vehicle and as a reinvention of how to do things, how to create new dimensions for public spaces.

Sumac Space is devoted to the Middle East, to give exposure to its contemporary art. In the midst of challenging social and political circumstances, the Middle East has experienced remarkable artistic reinforcement. Sumac Space addresses central questions and tackles contemporary urgencies to mirror the present through the lens of the artists involved.

We aim to show solidarity with young artists and curators by offering the possibility of creating exhibitions, raising questions and allowing differing voices to be heard. Young artists and curators can shape a part of the future; however, they need to be given a place where their works and expressions can be seen by the general public. They must be given the opportunity to do this.

Historically, artists and curators reveal the thread of humanity in all of us, the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly. Their work also documents how we adjust to the differences and new formats societies impose globally. They often show reality as it is and how it could be in the future, offering a tiny ray of light at the end of the tunnel (a hope and notion of future), which we all cling to.

Sumac Space invites people to view these exhibitions and to create an interactive dialogue, while adding an international perspective that may offer new insights and solutions for people to consider. Innovative solutions occur when “the dialogue” is made visible so that the problems and issues can be debated and solutions found Mankind shares much more than is generally credited. By offering equal opportunities for exhibiting we intend to be part of this dialogue.