Summate’s Velocity provides hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers (ASCs) with a quick and easy way to maximize operating room efficiency and profit margins.

The operating room has huge product documentation challenges, and is missing significant top line reimbursement due to manual, error-prone recording processes. For any business seeking to control expenses and increase profits having the ability to scan items at point of use is a must.  Poor/incomplete documentation is also a big quality problem for underlying hospital business operations management data.

An estimated 90-95% of acute healthcare providers lack a system to scan consumption in the operating room, a critical revenue center.  Manual, error prone processes are used to record item consumption during surgery - studies show 30% of cost documentation during surgery is missed!  This is a financial disaster for hospitals as up to 60% of their product cost spend is for the O.R.  It leads to:

• Bloated inventories
• Unrecorded pass through charges
• Poor surgeon value assessment
• Incomplete case cost data for DRG negotiation
• Poor patient record accuracy
• Lack of supply chain control

Every other department in the hospital scans at point of use to more accurately document, measure and control costs.  Why not the operating room? Scanning at POU in the O.R. represents a transformational opportunity for hospital financial vitality.

Summate's Velocity includes a roll in, small footprint (15”x 18”) solution that brings true point of use (POU) documentation of ALL surgical product usage. It can image all packaged item labels as well as scan implant usage from inside the sterile field.

With the O.R. representing 60% of hospital product spend, the Velocity offers transformational financial benefit through better and more accurate cost data for hospitals and ASCs - we can prove it with an ROI exercise with your facility data.

By providing a total solution for documenting all consumption at true point of use in the operating room, the Trakker offers workflow friendly, more accurate, and COMPLETE OR consumption data that:

• Increases documentation accuracy (JCoAH compliance)
• Lowers case turn around times
• Enables leaner inventory/preference card management
• Increases pass through billing revenue
• Improves clinical workflow efficiency

- all maximizing hospital/ASC profit.