KSUN Media Establishes Professional Web Presence
Writes Internet Press Releases & Articles:
Press releases, articles and other promotional materials on the internet are the heart of all promotional and advertising campaigns. Professionals, even professional writers, find it difficult to write press releases, articles and promotional materials about themselves, work, products, activities, news and services. To get around this obstacle, many professionals are finding that companies like KSUN Media can provide original articles and press releases, written to your individual specifications and need.

Provides Related Research Services & SEO Strategies:
In writing Internet press releases and articles, KSUN Media will provide a professional level of Internet and traditional research to augment information included in contracted articles. This research can combine credible information from related Websites, periodicals, print publications and interviews. Research also includes attention to search engine optimization (SEO) strategies, which utilizes techniques that will get your information noticed by search engines.

Distributes Internet Press Releases & Articles:
Once the press releases and articles have been written and approved, KSUN Media will apply its network of internet distribution outlets to circulate the news items about your company, professional accomplishments, new products, interests and any other information that you need distributed. Distribution includes selection of the most effective circulation within the category that applies to your news.

Produces Web Videos & Slide Shows:
Web videos and slide shows are as important as press releases and articles, combining nicely with text, in some cases. Productions can be simple or high tech, depending on the need and budget. We work with clients via the internet with their existing pictures and videos. We accept old-fashioned film slides and VHS tapes by old-fashioned mail because some folks only have images in older formats. We write the scripts, edit faded photos, and produce narration and background music, according to your specifications.

Distributes Web Videos & Slide Shows:
After consultation, review and approval, we upload the prodution to YouTube and other video and slide show sites, or provide the video in a number of specified formats.

Researching, Writing, Editing & Designing Free Websites:
Websites are a must in today's competitive markets, regardless of the profession. Everyone who does or sells anything needs to have a presence on the Internet as more and more customers are browsing commercial pages to find the goods they are seeking. KSUN Media goes one step farther for its clients. We find free hosting to start a client's web presence. Later, the hosting can easily be upgraded to a paid service if the client decides to purchase additional features that are not available free.

Provides Professional Coaching:
Even professional career coaches also need coaching sometimes. We had a pair of personal coaches as clients. They needed help crafting a book. We talked with them for six months by phone, recording the conversations and produced a book manuscript. The book was printed for distribution to their clients at meetings, produced as an eBook for internet marketing and later turned into a blog.
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