Welcome to Sunny Street Toys

Sunny Street Toys is a solely owned on-line toy store which carries a large selection of top quality indoor and outdoor toys and activities for children. Our toys are carefully selected for their quality as well as educational value. We take time to source and work with reputable suppliers, ensuring the products we offer will fulfill our main objective which is to keep shoppers happy.

We offer puzzles, games, riding toys, arts and crafts, doll houses, activity tables, mazes, pretend play toys, dress up costumes and so much more. We also carry a line of Eco-friendly toys, bringing greener options for you, your children and our planet. Toys made with sustainability in mind, the wood harvested from replenishable sources, formaldehyde free glue, and non-toxic paints and lacquer. Our wooden toys are timeless and can be passed down through generations. We have included a large selection of wooden toys such as; building blocks, dollhouses, balance bikes and a variety of pretend play items.

Sunny Street Toys was founded with three main principals in mind:

1)  To provide the highest customer service and speedy response to concerns.
2)  Providing the highest level of internet safety, using PayPal to process orders.                                                              
3)  Selecting toys for their high quality as well as their educational value.

Please check out our website at www.sunnystreettoys.com to learn more about our products, payment options and shipping policies.

I hope you enjoy shopping at Sunny Street Toys!

Nadene Fleming