SuperGeo Technologies Inc. is a company based on GIS (Geographic Information System), RS (Remote Sensing), and GPS (Global Positioning System) technologies and is dedicated in developing and marketing GIS software, as well as providing professional services to our clients around the world. We keep trying to breakthrough the current technology so that we can promise all of our clients a professional consulting service from us anytime and anywhere. Our service covers our self-developed GIS/GPS/RS software technology development, software technology consultation, project solution consultation and software educational training. We have successfully provided full featured GIS solutions in many different fields for our clients, such as in the fields of geomorphology and hydrology, geology and soil, climatology, natural resources, ecological environments of animals and vegetations, agriculture, forestry, fishery, farming, mining, transportation, logistics, tourism, civil planning, census and socio-economical data survey, disaster prevention and rescue, mechanical engineering, public hygiene, environmental protection and management, wireless communication application and many more.

SuperGeo’s products have marketed overseas for years and users are spread over the world in more than 20 countries. SuperGeo’s worldwide resellers are located in Japan, Thailand, Oman, Bahrain, India, Brazil, Malaysia, Chile and Turkey, so that the local users can promptly enjoy better service quality. Our duty is to make double efforts in contributing solutions to problems and providing the most efficient products to help all those who work in the GIS industry complete their tasks. If you are interested in being a reseller of SuperGeo, please contact us soon.