SuppRank was born out of necessity in the mind of a group of health enthusiasts who realized more and more that the world of supplements was seemingly deliberately confusing to its consumers.

Wanting to research and purchase a supplement was such tedious and challenging.

Page after page of researching just to understand what type of supplement could fit the health need we were looking for.  Then, within the type of supplement, trying to understand which is the best manufacturer and what important characteristics we need to look for was so hard! Trying to make a decision while also checking out other reviews on so many marketplaces together with the best price…. the search was never ending and super inefficient.   And after all the searching… how could we actually know that what the labels claimed was true and that there were no hidden ingredients or allergens that could be dangerous..

Why couldn’t everything be in one, easy to understand place?

We decided to create that place. SuppRank.

We wanted a site that wouldn’t be influenced by anything but the truth about what we were putting were putting into our bodies, how other consumers felt about the products, and objective quality reviews.

We only wanted to rank supplements that were lab tested by at least one leading lab.

We did all the work so that you don’t need to.

You can see our SuppRank Total Score on each product’s page for easy decision making, together with:

lab tests results
product labels
top seller price and review comparisons
full editorial review and product description
manufacturer’s data
main health benefits
and dietary restrictions.
All in want page!

We hope you enjoy our site.

SuppRank Team