Pretoria, South Africa, September 2011 – Africa, for so many years regarded as a poverty stricken, helpless, ineffective continent, is in the process of a dramatic about turn.

These are the remarkable statistics for 2010:  
No fewer than 6 African countries featured in the top 20 fastest growing economies in the world, including Qatar, which is in position no. 1!  

Zimbabwe, which was universally considered to be at the lowest point in its history just a few years ago, with zero currency and collapse in just about every facet of its existence, is busy bouncing back with vigour.  It made 11th place in its real GDP growth rate for 2010, in the world rankings!

There are many differing opinions about the reasons for this, but some people believe that the very reason was that governments reached the point of collapse. and were not able to bail out and otherwise interfere in their economies.  The people themselves took over.  They have shown what initiative and resourcefulness can do.

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