About Us
Support Solutions was founded with the idea of helping individuals and families collect the staggering amount of unpaid child support and alimony owed to them. According to CNN Money and the Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement, there are Billions of Dollars in unpaid child support alone. But with expensive lawyer fees and retainers, many people simply cannot afford the representation they need to get the money they are owed. In an effort to help these individuals and families, Support Solutions provides a collection process that is fast and cost effective. In many cases, people will quickly receive the money already awarded to them by the court system, helping to create a more stable financial environment for them and their family.

What Makes Us Different
Support Solutions is not a collection agency or a lawyer referral service. As our client, you will not be randomly assigned a lawyer from a database, but you will be represented by our in-house attorneys and trained staff. With a combined 42 years of experience, Support Solutions’ attorneys have extensive backgrounds in family law and collection matters. Along with proven experience, an easy to navigate online form uses advanced technology and recovery processes to gather and organize information. Support Solutions works hard to reduce a lengthy legal process, and represent individuals with collection needs.