Cornish university students and graduates have teamed up to form the Supporting Voices program in the Kurdish region of northern Iraq.
This project was founded in early 2008 and supports in its first program the voices of the new Iraq. These voices include journalists, editors, artists, actors and designers.

Supporting Voices is seeking your assistance to enable the program to bring education and support to as many young people as possible.

Supporting Voices works directly with University College Falmouth Media School, and will run 14 weeks of training and support in northern Iraq each year, combining this with research, training and development projects and an Internet based educational link.
This Spring the program will send the team to northern Iraq to spend 3 weeks with Aswat al-Iraq, an independent and non-political news service from which the Supporting Voices Iraq program is run. During this time the team will make a documentary, produce news content, train editors, filmmakers, photographers and introduce the program to more Iraqi students. The team will use materials produced to highlight the program both within Cornwall and nationally.

As a long-term goal the project seeks to establish a template for educational support in other crisis countries that will allow further Supporting Voices programs.