SureTec provides comprehensive 24/7 warranty and claims administration solutions  that allow you to focus on your business.  Our innovative products and services are designed to increase short and long-term revenue, maximize profits,  reduce  product  returns,  and  enhance the relationship with your customers by providing added value.

SureTec is the nation’s leading  single-source provider for the  underwriting,  administration and marketing of mobile product warranties and their related benefits for the cellular industry serving Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile retailers nationwide. With unmatched market intelligence, innovative products,  and  decades  of  experience, SureTec develops industry-leading  solutions for consumers, retailers, and distributors of cell phones, Smartphones, iPads, iPhones, Tablets and other mobile electronics.

In  today's  hyper-competitive,  market saturated  retail  business you need every advantage you can find. SureTec's exclusive  Retailers Retrospective Participation Program  helps  you  build  real,  substantial,  long-term  wealth without significantly changing the way you do business today.

Imagine having a magic button that increases customer satisfaction, increases customer retention, increases gross profits, as well as secures your long term financial future…

at SureTec,

"We Make That Button!"