Surf Liberation, Inc., a surf inspired company was established in 2014 in the shore town of Ocean Grove, New Jersey by Peter Wolniansky, Marisa Rojo, and Chris Stiegler. The concept of the FUEGZ Binding System® had begun after Peter identified that there was a gap between the most current technology in surfing and the skilled surfers who were limited by physics. Times changed and a new generation of surfers were hungry for more aggressive surfing styles that had not been fulfilled by their predecessors. The opportunity to fill that gap was what had inspired the creation of the FUEGZ Binding System®. If a surfer and his board were one independent object instead of two, in the blink of an eye that would open up a world of possibilities to new maneuvers. With the help of a few friends turned business partners, the idea of bindings for your surfboard had become a reality. Sewing machines, industrial embroidery machines, and die cutters were purchased and the first prototypes were made.. It was just as the Surf Liberation team had expected. “Once a new technological advancement has taken place. There’s just no going back.”