SurveyTabs team comprises of experienced professionals having multiple years of experience in market research and analytics industries. Our team is enthusiatic about creating innovative solution which deliver unparallel solutions to our client. Our team amalgamates their diverse core industry experience with the art of data crunching which makes the solutions deployable in a real time environment.

We provide market research and analytics services for our clients in different industries. We do market research services like Data collection,survey design and Programming , Data analysis and Cross-tabulation , Advanced statistical analysis.

Our team also develops analytics solutions like predictive churn models , Market -mix models , Cross-sell upsell models, Forecasting etc over analytics tools like R , SAS , SPSS , Eviews etc which help our clients to achieve higher ROI.

We serve organisations which are looking forward for using market research and analytics services to support their future strategies in a quantified manner. We also work for analytics and research organisations to cater their clients with our specialized services. Some of our projects have also been with academic researchers who are in need of market research services for their research.