Sustain:Green is a provider of biodegradable, eco-friendly credit cards, supported by MasterCard and issued by Commerce Bank, that offer carbon reduction rewards with every swipe. The founders of Sustain:Green combined their backgrounds in finance, green technology and carbon markets, with their passion for sustainable living, to create a financial services product with social value. Every time the biodegradable cards are used, a concrete contribution to the fight against climate change is made through carbon offsets and reforestation projects. Sustain:Green partners with leading environmental organizations and financial institutions, such as the American Carbon Registry, who share in their vision of a healthier planet.
In July 2015, Sustain:Green is re-launching CarbonRally, a gamification platform offering individuals and groups a fun, and social way to save energy and reduce CO2.
Learn more by visiting sustaingreen.com or facebook.com/SustainGreen.