Momentum Bay
Green business.  Green building.  Green power.

Firm Overview
Momentum Bay is a comprehensive “green” management consulting and marketing firm headquartered in Houston since 2002.

Momentum Bay, led by founder Mark Alan Robinson, MBA, LEED AP, equips executives & their teams to plan their green strategies & execute specific projects.

The firm’s primary services are focused around corporate sustainability, sustainable real estate, & renewable energy. That is, we catalyze green business, green building and/or green power from strategy to procurement to messaging.

Recent / Current Projects
We advise primarily two client segments:

•     design, construction & real estate, particularly those involved in building pursuing ENERGY STAR® & LEED® certifications for new & existing building portfolios
•     an array of other industries going green (e.g., banking, hospitality, manufacturing, education, etc.).

The common thread among clients is that they are all finding sustainability to be profitable, practical & powerful. Consequently, sustainability is becoming a core, integrated component of their competitive, financial, operational & marketing strategies.
Green building consulting

Our services
Since 2005, Momentum Bay has provided much of its green building consulting indirectly. The firm serves as Business Developer for Green Building Services, Inc. (GBS), one of the leading green building consultancies in the world -- one of only nine firms on contract with the US Green Building Council to perform certification reviews of all LEED for New Construction project applications.

This firm's experienced green team of consultants is comprised of architects, engineers, an environmental scientist, planners & interior designers, of whom several are LEED faculty members.

The firm was the 30th member of the USGBC (out of more than 20,000 members today).

Their 50+ person team with offices nationwide has successfully managed the certification of 150+ LEED certified projects - roughly five percent of all the LEED certified projects worldwide as of October 2009 - & has hundreds of other LEED projects in process or with certifications pending. This firm also managed the publication of the new LEED 2009 Reference Guides. Momentum Bay chose to partner with them as their business developer because they are more experienced, more efficient & more affordable than any other firm worldwide.

Core competencies
Our partner's consultants work for real estate owners, investors, developers, contractors, architects & managers, complementing teams in functional roles where clients desire. For example, teams may not have a certain expertise, may not have immediate capacity for projects, or may not be able to provide services as affordably. So, the firm's consultants provide non-competitive services, as clients request.

We also find that, by including this leading green building consultancy on teams, clients are able to win more projects by differentiating their competitive bids & proposals effectively, given the consultancy's breadth & depth of green building leadership & expertise.

Most important to Momentum Bay is the fact that the firm’s sustainable real estate experts are genuinely interested in helping Texas create strong local networks of other green experts.

Green building commissioning
One of the most important aspects of creating a high performance building is auditing the building before, during & after construction to ensure that good design translated into good construction. This process is known as commissioning (Cx). Green building rating systems for the top 25% of buildings, like the EPA's ENERGY STAR labeled buildings & the USGBC's Leadership in Environmental Design (LEED), reward or require independent third-party commissioning, in part, because of the typical attractive payback & return on investment.

Our commissioning partner EEI has offices nationwide, including a strong Texas presence, as well as a large & experienced team comprised largely of Professional Engineers, Certified Energy Managers, Certified Commissioning Professionals, LEED Accredited Professionals, etc.

Our partners have successfully provided commissioning services on several projects pursuing LEED certification & ENERGY STAR labeling, ranging from some of Texas' largest & most renown commercial offices & higher educational institutions.