SVAM-Systems is comparatively young and fast growing IT-company with a team of professional Programmers, Designers, Analysts, Optimizers, Copywriters, Usability and Website Marketing Specialists who gained valuable work experience with social networks and blogging platforms.
SVAM-Systems Company has occupied its niche in Application Software Market. It has a good reputation among consumers and successfully realized long-term development strategy. SVAM-Systems is confident about the future. SVAM-Systems Company offers program design, mobile application design, video games and online gaming for Windows PC Software (up to 8 Upgrade Version), Ubuntu Netbook Edition, Mac OS on Apple MacBook, Linux Notebooks, iOS software on iPhones and iPads, Windows Phone Smartphones and Communicators, GNU/Linux, Android, Palm OS, Symbian OS, MeeGo, as well as PSE websites, Social Networks and Blogging Platforms. For this reason we use Java, C, Basic, C++, Objective-C, Smalltalk, C#, Delphi, PHP and some other programming languages.