What is VIBES?

VIBES is tons of fun and tons of exercise. It’s feel-good fitness at its best. At VIBES, you’ll automatically be employing interval training, which peer-reviewed academic literature has shown to be superior to constant-intensity training. At VIBES, the intervals are the songs! We’ll fill the hour with music you’ll love to dance to – so you don’t have to think about exercising!

Why do most exercise programs fail? Because people don’t actually do them.

Our bodies were born to exercise – but our minds were born to have fun. So set yourself up for success with a class you’ll actually want to do: Come have fun with us at VIBES!

How Does VIBES Work?

Very well! But see for yourself by showing up for a class. Bring only yourself, some water (we’ve got some if you forget) and wear athletic apparel. We’ll do the rest.

Your first class is totally free. After that, classes cost just $8 each. If you’re into being ultra-economical – or just want to have the latest VIBES card – you can buy packages to bump your per-class rate even lower. (And remember, you get a cute little card that only cool people have. Just sayin’.)

Classes are an hour. When the music starts, the warm-up begins – and so does the fun! You’ll be expertly guided through the thumping notes of hip-hop, the energetic chords of soca or reggatron, the gyrations of dancehall – and that might just be the first 20 minutes! Oh, and you’ll never see a class go by without a healthy dose of booty shaking. We know you want your twerk on… and you’ll sure get it here. Finally, cool down as the music mellows for some stretching.

Students love that VIBES is engaging. You’ll forget that you’re working out, forget that you’re getting results – because you’ll be too busy having a blast! Follow our instructors and follow the crowd; the workout takes care of itself!

Who is VIBES For?

For anyone who likes having fun! Whether you’re in shape or heading there, whether you’re young or young at heart, male or female, VIBES is for you. The moves are fun and high-energy, but you control your level of exertion and intensity. Need a break? Take one. Take two. There’s no drill sergeant screaming in your ear at VIBES. We want you to get results – killer abs, toned butt, bangin’ body – but we want you to have fun even more. Life’s too short to not make it a party. So we do – every day at VIBES.