Swenco Limited, with over 50 years of history and success is moving quickly into the next decade of its exciting business life.

As a leader in the safety footwear component industry worldwide, we are proud to manufacture Canadian made Steel-Flex protective sole plates, Composite Toe caps and Metatarsal guards in our Waterloo facility, with valued added state of the art, coating, cutting and marking services also being provided.

We manufacture TTL protective steel toe caps and steel shanks, in our Dongguan, China facility, and we distribute Swen-Flex and Swen-Flex PRO, non-metal protective sole plate materials manufactured at our partner factories in China and Taiwan throughout the world.

Each and every one of these components are designed and tested to meet or exceed every applicable worldwide safety footwear component standard, including CSA, EN, ASTM, and NFPA. With a physical presence in many of the largest safety footwear manufacturing nations, we have clear knowledge of product requirements, customer demands, logistics needs and factory preferences to ensure proper product selections, expert advice and recommendations, with respect to safety footwear construction techniques, problem resolutions, and footwear safety standard compliance issues.
At Swenco, we never forget that the products we make are certified safety components.
There is an expectation of our components, and a level of trust demanded by our customers and the consumers to whom they sell their footwear - we won’t let them down!

With a vibrant and well funded research department in our Waterloo, Canada facility, we are in constant search of new materials and processes that will enhance the ability of manufacturers to improve their safety footwear offerings with higher strength, more durable, and more cost effective components using the latest in university and industry based high-tech research design, and modelling, along with in-house testing and quantitative results analysis.

Corporately we take our community responsibilities very seriously!

Swenco Limited seeks to make a positive impact in our communities, engaging the talents and resources of our people and partners, to harness the power of volunteers, and their passion to Make a Difference. Swenco Limited supports efforts by our owners and employees to give back to our communities through The France-Anne Sweeny "Making a Difference" Foundation, through local Lions Clubs, through local Rotary Clubs and a variety of corporately supported events, activities, and sports teams. Swenco owners and employees annually volunteer, literally thousands of hours, to organisations of their choice including many of those noted above.

Swenco Limited is always on the lookout for sustainable innovations to our product lines, that meet current needs, without compromising the future. Our commitment to reducing our environmental impact is visible throughout the lifecycle of our safety footwear component products — from initial concept to final delivery, scrap and used product recyclability. Swenco Limited is committed to global sustainability by improving the economic, social and environmental impacts of our day-to-day operations through reduced electricity consumption, water reduction programs and low impact, sustainable property management efforts.