Swimtag is designed and manufactured in the UK for swimmers of all levels by 222 Sports Limited, an entrepreneurial company based in Bath, United Kingdom. Swimtag was launched in summer 2011 and is available as part of a membership package at private pools, and for a monthly fee in public pools.

Users begin by swiping their club membership card at the swimming pool reception and collecting a wristband. When worn in the pool, this wristband monitors a range of key statistics including the swimmer’s split times, stroke rate and stroke type, as well as the number of lengths swam. Once the swimmer is finished, performance data and statistics are automatically analysed and uploaded to the user’s account, which can be viewed online on any device, sent direct to the user via email or posted on their Facebook profile. Records of performances are kept and specific training targets can be set up, including distance, calories, speed and lengths. Swimtag also offers specific training plans, designed to help swimmers lose weight or improve their stamina, for example.