SwingSesh is the only backyard playset on the market designed to engage the whole family by combining fitness features with play equipment. In addition to all the features kids love like swings, a slide, monkey bars, climbing ladder, and play deck, the SwingSesh also has strength and conditioning equipment like dip bars, pull-up bars, box jumps, a squat rack, and even the option to add a 15-ft climbing rope! Maintenance-free steel construction with a durable, UV-resistant, weather-resistant plastic coating.

SwingSesh equipment is in a league of its own in quality, durability, and functionality. The American-made, heavy-duty welded steel frame is designed to support kids and adults. The commercial-grade non-slip thermoplastic coating keeps it comfortable to the touch on even the hottest days. Stainless steel swing pendulums provide the best corrosion protection. The slides are rotomolded, not the single layer of plastic you find on most imported sets, so mom and dad can slide too! A SwingSesh provides unparalleled longevity and low maintenance along with the added functionality for adult fitness.

A SwingSesh isn't a little kid playset that they'll grow out of in a few years. It integrates features for kids of all ages. As they grow up and get involved in sports, they'll have a complete home gym in the backyard to make it easy to be competitive and at the top of their game.