Swipe4TheKids is brought to you by Pomeroy Equitable Solutions (PES), the result of the inspired vision of nine partners from varied backgrounds. We share a passion for finding new, equitable, and sustainable solutions to fund Youth Enrichment programs.

WHAT IS Swipe4TheKids?

Swipe4TheKids is a sustainable funding source for youth enrichment programs made possible by partnerships in the local businesses community. Swipe4TheKids allows youth music, the arts, and sports programs to flourish, and provides long-term benefits to our business partners.

Swipe4TheKids allows children - regardless of family financial status - the means to participate in programs that enhance their physical health, academic success, and career potential.


No donations or expenses - Positions your business as an innovative leader in the community - Unique platform creates Corporate Citizenship initiative - High impact branding and public relations


To generate sustainable, long term revenue streams funding youth music, the arts, sports, and other community programs. As a socially responsible and ethical company, we will be watched and emulated as a corporate model of success and philanthropy.


A responsible and successful business is obligated to and benefits from supporting the communities they operate in

High-profile personalities, national brands, and retailers can combine their circle of influence to create a unique and powerful branding opportunity

Consumers prefer to support businesses who actively support their local community

By providing the resources that help sustain youth music, the arts, and sports programs, PES and our partners will help children, their families, and their communities flourish