SWISH KIDS are specialists in school fundraising and offer unique products that will capture your child’s artwork forever. Our products are decorative and durable making them perfect for children of all ages and are made of Melamine which is 100% Food Safe.
SWISH KIDS keep the memories of kids alive long after they have grown up. They are a great keepsake and kids love eating their dinner off a plate that they have drawn themselves.  

They are suitable for children of all ages and "Big Kids" as well!

We SUPPLY you with everything!
SWISH PLATES offer you as much SUPPORT as you need
You make a minimum of 20% PROFIT
All funds BENEFIT the school and kids
Unique and HIGH QUALITY products
Suitable for kids of ALL AGES
Kids love seeing their DRAWINGS on their own plate
100% Made and Owned in the UK

There are a 1001 different ideas to decorate your Plates, Clocks & Trays and the kid's can be as creative as they like when designing their masterpieces.

Swish Kids offers you a unique opportunity to raise money for your school or organisation with decorative and useful products, personalised with your kid’s drawings!

How it all WORKS
We will supply you with everything you need to run the fundraiser and are here to support you every step of the way. You collect the orders from the parents, organise the drawing sessions in school time and then send them back to us in the pre paid envelope.
You send a cheque to us for the total cost price and keep the remainder of the funds for the school....This is your profit! We will turn the kid’s drawings into our plates or other products as requested and return them back to you individually wrapped and labelled for easy distribution. Click here for our Step by Step Guide on running your own fundraiser.
It’s that Simple!

SWISH KIDS makes your fundraising campaign simple, easy and hassle free. We supply you with everything you need to promote, facilitate and manage the fundraiser. All we ask is that we have a nominated organiser to liaise with and to collect the orders and money for your organisation.

In turn we will supply....

1. A Starter Kit including a sample plate, posters and all the information you need.
2. Colour fliers and letters to hand out to parents
3. Drawing templates and felt tip pens (which you keep for future art projects)
4. Pre Paid envelope to return drawing templates
5. Delivery of Products individually wrapped and labelled for easy distribution.  

Simply add your own mark up to our price and you will reach your fundraising target in no time. SWISH KIDS offers you a recommended profit mark up of over 20% which is better than most fundraising projects.
Past fundraising money has be used for:

New Sports Equipment
Books for the Library and Classrooms
School Excursions.  
Before and After School Clubs
The organisation, parents and children all win!