The Swiss Investor Club AG has been established since 2011 as an organization dedicated to addressing climate change and global warming issues by ensuring profitable trading of carbon credits. Back then, SIC solely dealt with corporate and institutional clients. In 2012, Swiss Investor Club AG opened its doors to retail investors and private investors, giving individuals a chance to participate with the same profit returns our existing corporate clients are receiving.

The company offers a fully comprehensive approved product range to clients with its success driven by the passion to eliminate man's carbon footprint which has been created by industries globally. The portfolios of clients are pro-actively managed to turn their holdings into profits. This is most achievable by the skillful brokers who manage market comparisons and exit strategies.


   Projects are mainly on the basis of development in various stages such as fully mature conservation and renewable energy to an early adoption of conservation projects. The growth and profits of a client investment is dependent upon the point of entry and here at Swiss Investor Club AG we are committed to facilitating the requirements of clients by providing assistance, services and products that are beneficial for the environment and at the same time complying with regulations in emissions trading within the voluntary market.
   Setting up carbon credits and maintaining projects that combat global warming is a positive way of helping the environment whilst making solid sustainable investments. This is called trading of carbon credits and examples of the types of projects are forestry, re-forestation, Hydro power, solar renewable energy or any other project that is beneficial in opposing, lowering or preventing greenhouse gas emissions.


   Our aim is to offer transparency, good profit potential and integrity by winning the trust and confidence of Swiss Investor Club AG clientele by building a solid and profitable relationship. So make sure that you are with us on this journey to solve some important global issues that affect us all and in the meanwhile make a substantial profit.

   Come and be a part of Swiss Investor Club AG, a professional organization where we are committed to meet our client's requirement as to the best of the company's ability. We are partners with the key players in the Global Carbon Market to ensure that our clients will receive a comprehensive overall service, dedication and the benefit of our extensive research, whilst sustaining high profit returns.

Our advantages
1. High Financial Growth

Swiss Investor Club AG has a unique opportunity to offer their corporate and private clients the chance to become part of environmental and sustainable carbon offset projects worldwide, promising a high financial growth which is generally inaccessible to the retail investor.
2. Unique chance

With this, SIC has created a unique opportunity to grow your own capital safely by investing into Carbon Credits, whether you prefer to use them to offset your own carbon footprint or to sell them for a high return on the open market. Your input will help save the Earth's rainforests and the biodiversity within it, as well as contributing to the fight against climate change in the planet.

3. Expert Advice

Relying on Swiss Investor Club AG and its expert advice and partnership with some of the world leading experts in these fields is sure to give you good starting point in the Carbon Market. We offer a complete service in management and sale of Carbon Credits and you can rest assured that we will assist you at every step of the way.