Swiss Medical Press is a Swiss-based medical communications company that specializes in creating, developing and delivering medical, scientific and technical information to the healthcare, educational and professional domains. They provide comprehensive services that cover medical writing, editing, translation, transcription, publications, accredited materials and programmes, as well as project and event management. They also publish the Journal of Comorbidity: an international, open-access, peer-reviewed journal for original clinical and experimental research articles, guidelines, policies, editorials, commentaries, protocols and critical review articles, as well as proceedings of congresses. The Editorial Board also welcomes ideas and suggestions for special issues dedicated to unique themes. The journal provides a forum for scientists, researchers and healthcare professionals to share their research, experience and insight into diverse aspects of medicine in order to optimize the management of patients with comorbidity/multimorbidity (multiple chronic conditions).

More information can be found at: www.swissmedicalpress.com; www.jcomorbidity.com or connect on Twitter @JComorbidity.