We are a penny auction site offering Name Brand items for auction at an almost 95% savings from retail store prices.  A most significant difference between swoopbug and most other auctions is we deliver all our merchandise from our own warehouse..

Unlike most of our competition who after an auction has been completed ,must then go out and purchase the products that have been awarded. this often leads to them having to substitute a little know substitution clase that allows them to send a look alike,or simular valued item. Laready having the merchandise gives us ahuge advantage, in additon we are also whoesalers who resale to people who powersell on Ebay and other sites. this gives us the ability to list the merchandise at a far less cot then most of the competition.

We have also announced the addition of charitable auctions for non profits and charitys. Our fund raisers however have no administrative cost deductions. the only  deduction from the proceeds of the auction is for the wholesale cost of the merchandise.