Sword Radio UK www.swordradio.co.uk was set up by Kevin J. Mann (an award winning syndicated broadcaster of “The Spread” since 2002) , Martin Shaw (IT Professional and radio presenter of “Martin Shaw Dance” & “Chartbusters”) Keith Essex and Kimberly Hunt-Dickson (Music & Radio Industry Professional and radio prester of “The US Connection”) to help showcase live acts and new artists.

Founded on 9th January 2015 in Wickford, Essex and fully licensed by PRS and PPL our main aims and objectives is to support new and independent artists, local events and local businesses in Wickford, the surrounding areas, and beyond!  

Sword Radio UK Official Website: www.swordradio.co.uk
Sword Radio UK Twitter: @SwordRadioUK
Sword Radio UK Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SwordRadioUK
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Martin Shaw Official Website: www.martinshawdance.co.uk
Martin Shaw Twitter: @MartinShawDance
Martin Shaw Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/MartinShawDance
Kevin J. Mann Official Website: www.kevinjmann.co.uk
Kevin J. Mann Twitter: @SpreadShow
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Tishki Productions Twitter: https://twitter.com/TishkiMgmnt
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