Helping companies achieve operational and financial goals for over 29 years.

SydneyPLUS is a leading developer of knowledge management solutions. Since 1977, we have partnered with some of the world's top businesses - including Fortune 1000 companies and leading law firms - to improve knowledge delivery and achieve business and organizational results.

Using our tools, companies put information to work across the enterprise. Whether our solutions are used to manage the corporate library of a multinational law firm, a database of experts for a pharmaceutical company or digitized special effects for a film production company, we help organizations benefit from their high-value knowledge assets - reducing costs, enhancing revenues and dramatically increasing efficiency.

A privately owned company based in Vancouver, Canada, we work with hundreds of businesses, law firms, pharmaceutical and biotech companies, financial services firms and government agencies. Each day, thousands of people around the globe depend on SydneyPLUS to accelerate information retrieval and improve their financial results.