SymbioWare's eBusiness Assurance enables distributed functional testing and performance monitoring of business-critical applications throughout the entire application’s life cycle, covering development, QA, and production.  SymbioWare solutions test, monitor, and report on the entire complexity of multi-step user interactions and back-end operations as a business defines them, and in the way that customers experience them.

SymbioWare eBusiness Assurance Platform delivers  
•         Automated functional testing
•         High volume transactional load testing
•         Web application performance monitoring

SymbioWare platform supports Web (HTML, AJAX, Flash, JavaScript), Windows, mainframe, and SQL databases, to provide a single integrated eBusiness Assurance function across your entire environment. It allows you to built and edit tests in "Plain English", run them in multiple browsers, locally or globally.

Development and Testing

SymbioTeam is a comprehensive test management solution that allows you to manage the entire application development and testing lifecycle

•     Requirements setting
•     QA lifecycle management
•     Script-free test automation
•     “Plain English” test development
•     Test analysis, versioning, and bug tracking built-in

Implementation and Deployment

SymbioTeam helps to assure the functional integrity, performance, and scalability of applications by automating regression testing, load testing, and capacity planning

•     Reuse QA test scenarios and skills for regression and load testing
•     Anticipate and test the most critical usage patterns
•     Run real-life load tests from inside or outside of your firewall
•     Track test versions, issues and bugs, and test notes – all in one tool


SymbioTeam emulates real users and runs real-time multi-step tests 24x7x365 in production to ensure your most critical business functions are available and high performing

•     Reuse the same QA test cases and skills for production testing
•     Know what your real users feel
•     Run tests globally or locally, at different intervals, in real browsers
•     Receive real-time alerts and screen shots

Customers can subscribe to SymbioTeam on demand at: http://www.symbioware.com . A 14-day free trial is available for customers who want to explore the product before committing.