Symp enables you to connect to every other user in the Symp network solely on topic basis. Discover discussions, opinions and ideas. Search for what you care for - or get inspired by what others have to say - and join the talk or simply listen first. Find out what's happening in the world we live in, hear and get heard. Connect to an audience who is just like you, connect to an audience that cares.

Imagine it as the beginning of a real friendship: Just as in the real world you connect to people who share the same mindset and talk about what you both care about.

Symp is a network that encourages interaction. We shift the focus from conventions like existing friend networks and systems in which only heavy players get heard to a content-view-of use.

With every new topic you create, with every new keyword you use, you target an entirely new audience. You will always find a community that is interested in what you have to say, right here on Symp. Your habits and preferences change, why shouldn't we?