We Engineer and install state-of-the-art UV Photo-catalytic Oxidation (PCO) systems that purify the air that you breathe when you are inside an office building, hotel, hospital, airport, casino cruise ship or other type of inside environment.

What is UV Photo-catalytic Oxidation?  - "PCO" is the latest technology using Ultra Violet lights and Titanium Dioxide filters that clean more than 99% of the contaminants in the air.   It is also the most cost effective process on the market today while requiring the least amount of power and maintenance.

Why is PCO better than HEPA? Standard Air purifiers have a fundamental flaw. They rely on air being pulled through the unit in order to clean it. This creates an ineffective, high energy cost air filter as an air purifier.

Is UV PCO approved by the FDA? - Yes, for many years and has been proven much safer than ozone or ionization methods especially for those with asthma and allergies. Contact us today at www.synergyenvironmental.com

Thank You.