Harnessing the power of Microsoft Technologies to enhance business intelligence with cost effective solutions at QBit Systems.

QBit Systems is a global solution provider with ISO 9001:2000 Certification offering services on cutting-edge e-business, enterprise and mobile solutions using key components of Microsoft's .NET Framework. QBit Systems offering on technology migration and re-engineering caters to diverse segments across the globe like auto component manufacturers, oil companies, fast food chains and ship building.

According to the company's CEO Mr Vikas Gupta, “Empowering your business with most effective and efficient way is vital to survive in today's competitive economy; these can very easily be addressed by solutions made on the .NET platform. Availing of low risk IT outsourcing services makes a lot of business sense and gives great value for money. Getting your software product / solution / application developed from a service provider of choice to cope with the highly competitive business marketplace and to benefit immensely from such outsourcing should be your strategy!"

QBit Systems offshore development center located in Jaipur, North India, comprised of hundreds of software engineers collaborating in real time, focus on application design and development utilizing the full spectrum of Microsoft technologies. Solutions offered at QBit Systems incorporate PocketPC and Palm devices to create line-of-business solutions targeted at empowering the enterprise through mobile access to mission-critical pieces of information. QBits exceptional expertise on .NET Technology is showcased by its industry success in developing solutions like a Field Taskforce Management Solution, manufacturing & maintenance solutions for construction, transportation, shipbuilding companies, other solutions include biometric authentication, POS, RFID Solutions & CRMs for the retail and hospitality industry, ERP for EBay power sellers etc

QBit Systems industry proven methodology and delivery mechanism is the key component to deliver high quality software solutions. Primary focus on delivering "cost-effective solutions" is coupled with superior technological skills at QBit.

Mr Vikas Gupta adds that "transparency of operations and high-level emphasis on client communications ensures that every penny spent on a software development project is put to optimum use". QBit Systems is currently making limited period special offer to carry out outsourced software development on the Microsoft .NET PLATFORM AT US$ 1499 PER MAN-MONTH. According to Mr Vikas Gupta, "This special offer is being made to make Rajasthan, which is a traditional tourist destination into a major software outsourcing destination of choice." In addition to its office in New Jersey, QBit Systems will soon be opening an office in UK to cater to our European customers for .NET solutions.