SytLogic is distinguished from other project management systems by our ability to allow our customers to manage hundreds, or thousands of projects, simultaneously.  SytLogic ties all of your multi-location project and asset management tasks and data together in a single database, virtually eliminating errors, while freeing up your project managers to handle on average, 50% more business.  We help you grow your businesses without growing your overhead!

The SytLogic Lifecycle Revenue Master, cloud-based solution, enables our customers to eliminate faxes, voicemails, emails and multiple different spreadsheets on every project giving them, their customers, their contractors, and immediate access to everything that is going on everywhere across the region or across the country.

SytLogic is software as a service based business (SaaS) that efficiently delivers operational control of assets and projects across a diverse population of locations and assets under management by owner companies.  By providing an extensive set of easy to navigate features via internet / cloud power, SytLogic offers simple control for multi-site, multiple vendors, documents, images, tasks, and management of critical dates.  By centralizing diverse data sets into a highly organized collective information base, SytLogic affords owners and stakeholders the benefit of collaborative tools, real-time information sharing, and improved efficiency.