Transitions2earth® with EcoPure® is the biodegradable cutlery, utensils and servingware that decomposes in a landfill. No special end-of-life management required.
Because over 90% of all plastic cutlery ends up in the garbage and ultimately a landfill, Transitions2earth® is a long term solution for the millions of single use utensils used every day that are not routed to a certified and industrial composting facility.
Transitions2earth® biodegradable cutlery looks, feels and performs just like high quality plastic cutlery including resistance to high heat. Forget everything you know about biodegradable cutlery and move over to Transitions2earth®, the intelligent choice for single use biodegradable utensils.

Third party ASTM D5511 testing data shows that cutlery with EcoPure® allows microbial activity to break down the molecular structure of polystyrene, polyethylene and polypropylene at levels up to 100 times faster than without the additive. The biodegradation process begins when the plastic enters into a landfill, as the microbes colonize on the outer surface of the plastic and begin to digest and break it down. Since Transitions2earth® cutlery with EcoPure® works via microbes, it is distinct from other technologies which use heat, moisture, mechanical methods, or UV to break down the utensils.
Once in a landfill, our products begin biodegradation. Transitions2earth® cutlery and servingware with EcoPure® looks, performs, and feels like high quality plastic cutlery and easily withstands the most severe heat tests.  Doing the right thing has never been easier.

Transitions2earth® continues its commitment to responsible innovation by developing the next generation biodegradable cutlery and serving ware for the food service industry. Our new product line is manufactured with EcoPure® additive that causes the cutlery to biodegrade in an active and enclosed landfill. This product provides the food service and grocery industry with confidence that, even in less than ideal disposal situations, biodegradation is a reality.