T2 was launched in September 2007 to capitalise on our experience of using industry-leading 2D and 3D design software, to think outside the box, and look at how we can apply the technology in a way that can help our target audience to better understand information and data, interact with it and foster more effective communication.
As a company we are looking at tomorrow’s opportunities and building the capabilities that exploit them because we know that is where the greatest opportunity lies.  3D virtual reality (VR) is a technology with profound implications for almost every industry.  It is not about video games or cybersex, but about the capacity to model and simulate just about anything.  VR is a powerful perceptual tool to engage an audience, whether to convey the magnitude and drama of a large-scale development project or the minute, mechanical detail of a new product design.  

Underpinning our creative team we have strong IT technology specialists and Autodesk approved trainers which allow us to offer a broad, yet inter-linked, portfolio of services.  This means we can promote a complete service embracing:

-     Training and consultancy
-     3D visualisation and digital content
-     Custom solutions

Training and Consultancy
Through our training and consultancy support we help our clients to get the greatest return from their design software investment as we educate to build core skills, adopt best practice techniques, utilise latest productivity features and configure systems to operate at 100% efficiency.    

3D Visualisation and Digital Content
Through our bureau service we create high quality computer generated images (CGIs) and digital content.  Continuous development of libraries and methods mean we can very quickly generate impressive and accurate imagery in a fraction of the time, and at a fraction of the cost, of more conventional options.  It is the result of a unique combination of leading edge technologies, systems and processes that allows us to bring this capability to the market.  Once created, scenes can be rapidly edited and re-arranged to explore, analyse, develop, reassure and agree on precise detail.

Custom Solutions
Through close associations with technology developers specialising in 3D and real-time solutions, we design and deliver custom solutions which leverage the latest graphics and resource management technologies across systems and processes.

Our strategy for success is in building a strong portfolio of inter-linked services which collectively differentiate us in the market place:

•     we have in-depth understanding of the technology from a systems performance perspective;
•     as an Autodesk[1] Approved Training Centre (ATC) we are in the front line of new and emerging design technologies which ensure our clients can be amongst the first to take advantage of the opportunities they bring;
•     our trainers are not just class room teachers – when they are not training they are using the design software in a day-to-day production environment;
•     our production team members are creative, passionate and highly skilled.