T/A Advisory Services provides its clients with an integrated resource network for growth and competitiveness. Projects are accomplished through an approach that combines a broad knowledge and deep understanding of specific issues in international trade, technical assistance, commercial, environment and tax law, property development, and tourism planning and development.  

1. T/A Trade Advisory:
International Trade Agreements. Trade Remedies. Tariffs and Customs. Legislative Initiatives. Trade Policy Development. International Trade Dispute Resolution. Economic and Trade Analysis. Government and Business Relations.

2. T/A Technical Advisory:
Market Development. Public Policy. Governance. Competition Policy. Economics. Finance.

3. T/A nuñez law:
Commercial and Corporate. Intellectual Property. Tax. Immigration. Labor and Employment. Environment Law.

4. T/A CaFiS:
Carbon Finance Advisory Services. Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Documentation and Processing. Post-Registration Services.

5. T/A Prime Options:
Property Acquisition. Land Use Optimization. Project Development. Tourism Development Planning.