Tactical Laser Training is a school needed in today's world. Active shooters are on the rise. People need to know how to get out of these situation safely. We can help with our live action scenario training. Why scenario training you may ask?
Scenario-based training pushes beyond the stagnant and often limited training models we encounter. It provides exposure to real-life situations without facing a risk of loss of life or serious injury. Considering many criminals have had some experience with violence first-hand, even potentially having committed violent acts, the typical citizen is at a disadvantage. Some criminals have been in a fight for their life, or even been shot and/or stabbed. Some have killed or seriously injured others. Those who have lived through the chemical, emotional, and physical effects now know what to expect. The fact is that, in training, our life is not truly in danger which limits the actual effects we will face, but we can start the process of understanding what is going to happen to us under stress. We will feel our heart rate increase, the effects of adrenaline, and the emotions of facing what could be deadly and ambiguous situation. With the recognition of stress and its consequences, we learn to gain control of the effects of adrenaline and emotions like fear. This knowledge makes us more effective and efficient, and teaches us responses should we ever encounter a critical life-threatening incident which requires the Use of Force. Fundamentally, training makes us better prepared.