ACQUISITION  TRAINING--Whether your need is acquisition training or assistance with some government or industry contracting issue, we can help. If you want your staff well trained we'll help you navigate this environment by providing you with cost effective on-site training for your people.  More than ever before, we’re there to help you meet the challenge to train CORs, PMs and Industry representatives in the least costly manner possible.  We can do this through Distance Learning or onsite training.
We offer:.

•PM training with CLP Credit  
•RFP Training for government & industry
•Negotiation training for both government & industry
•COR Training for Government Employees (CLP credit)
•Large Variety of Classes Offered
•Cost-Effective Pricing (Fixed Prices) Lower than others
•Experienced & Professional Trainers

Since January 2007, TAI has provided quality, cost-effective acquisition management courses including COR basic and refresher courses, along with Performance Based Acquisition (PBA), Performance Work Statement (PWS) training classes for federal, state and local government.  We are today, the nation's lowest cost provider of classroom and webinar training.  We take pride in serving our customers as shown by our client critiques and references.

OUR MISSION--The Acquisition Institute Inc., provides the most affordable contract training to industry and government.  Whether training CORs, prospective CORs, program managers or industry personnel, we offer training in the unique aspects of government contracting, development, acquisition planning, and contract administration.  Some of the classes we offer can be viewed under our "Courses" tab.  We are one of the few providers teaching the use and application of Service Level Agreement (SLA) development over Quality Assurance Plans to federal, state and local government for service contracts.

•Have COR and PM personnel trained by the best instructors.  
•Have Industry personnel Involved in RFP responses trained by form government contracting officers with unlimited warrants.  
•For onsite training be trained either in a modern, high quality training center with modern support electronics, quality refreshments and ergonomic seating at our downtown DC facility, or on-site at your facility.

The Acquisition Institute provides COR Distance Learning and onsite training, when and where you need it. Our instructor evaluations demonstrate:

•Knowledge of acquisition subjects •Knowledge of acquisition subjects
•Ability to instruct – Quality of instruction
•Ability to maintain student interest  

Email: info@acquisitioninstitute.com