Since 1982 TAO Consultants has been providing small- to medium-sized businesses and large corporations with the computer consulting support and Internet strategies that have helped make the employees more productive and the business more profitable.

In Reno since 1983, TAO Consultants deals with almost every aspect of computer consulting, Internet strategy, applications development and business management consulting. The main goal of TAO Consultants is to assist businesses in using their computers and the Internet as tools to their best advantage by helping the company's management and employees work at their most efficient and productive levels to promote their business effectively.

Offering web design since 1995, TAO Consultants began providing Internet expertise earlier than most in this area, enabling businesses to promote themselves and conduct business online through their web presence and e-commerce opportunities. TAO Consultants provides not only a web presence for businesses but also Internet dominance for the industry in which they participate.

TAO Consultants has several websites to cover the many perspectives of TAO and Chesa:

TAO Consultants as a web design and Internet marketing firm specializes in creating effective websites and other online properties that provide a business the opportunity to deliver the right message to the right audience. Any business that is unable to manage their reputation isn’t managing one of the most important assets owned by the business. We have a unique Internet marketing and online reputation management strategy that creates an online presence that is both highly competitive and authoritative in the eyes of Google.

Strategies employed:
Web design that captures the attention of the target audience and provides an online experience that results in increased sales

Web presence that is optimized for high search engine results for targeted keywords

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for new or existing websites in order to create a better organic presence

Online Reputation Management (ORM) activities designed to improve a non-existent presence or to repair a negative online reputation

Creation of business opportunities online that result in a broad and deep penetration of the intended market
Customized ecommerce solutions designed to manage a company’s financial activities by integrating online and offline accounting tasks

Our targeted audience:
Any business that does not have a website at this time

Any business that has a website or other online properties but can’t be found using industry terminology and keywords in a Google search

Any business that has no reputation online

Any business that has a negative reputation online

Any business that has a website that needs help – it doesn’t deliver the right message to the right audience

Any business seeking to expand their market presence within their industry

Any business that wishes to be on the first page of a Google search for their defined keywords

Any business that wants to advertise effectively using effective online promotion tools such as Google AdWords, banner advertising, video presentations, article publishing, podcasting and social media

Any business that recognizes the value, strength and popularity of social media marketing

Any business that doesn’t get the Internet – but their competitors do

The online business model promoted by TAO Consultants encompasses a strong SEO strategy. The major focus is to assist businesses in effective utilization of Internet strategies, with a growing level of experience in online issues management through Chesa’s association with crisis management consulting firms.

We are the Make it Happen consulting firm.