TCO News, (The C.H.R.I.S.T. Organization) brings a new directive to how today's news is delivered to the public.
Firstly, all news articles produced by TCO News are based upon actual facts of a story, and verified, before any/all publications are made. We rely heavily on the abilities of unbiased Journalist's within our company. Second, no Journalist's, editors or writers or research personnel within the TCO company will be biased to any/all ethnic groups, political parties, culture, or religion.
Third, no Journalist's, Writer's or Contributors are allowed any more than 20% of their personal opinion in any given article/story. (Any personal opinion must reflect facts found within the article.) We, TCO News, are a new company, formed to combat the need for others to deliver fake news to the public. Our goal is to become a trusted name in News deliverance, and eliminate falseness found elsewhere in many and diverse places.