While working at Tracey Locke Public Relations Torrey C. Pocock learned the ropes to marketing, public relations and the power of  hitting the pavement in what is now called Guerrilla Marketing. 110Years ago he began working with Section 8 Comedy in Dallas Texas and developed a comedy club as part of the Ozona Grill and Bar profit center while working with Ford Restaurant Group.   From Tracey Locke in Dallas to Washington he learned more about advertising and built up clients in the restaurant field and the agency grew to manage not only restaurant clients but other retail, medical, entertainment and sports marketing clients too.

In 2008 Torrey Charles Marketing partnered with 3822 Willner Productions to form Torrey Charles & Willner Marketing.  Now with the power of production and event management, TCW began providing video content and production services to clients and continued to grow.

Our services are centered around the 4 P’s of good marketing: Price, Product, Placement and Promotion. By focusing on these core elements, TCW can then combine new media marketing, social media and standard media together for an effective mix of tactics to publicize and  grow any business or social media initiative.