Established in 2002
Field: Instrument and Tree Seeds
◆ Environmental Measuring Equipment
Soil and Plants:  Equitensiometer (Matric Potential
Meter)Sap Flow Sensor, Data Logger, Dendrometers
Laser Chlorophyll Meters, Photosynthesis Meters,Soil Oxygen Sensor
Soil Penetrometers, Soil Compaction Meters
TDR Soil Moisture Meter, Turf Color Meter, Plant Stress Detecting Glasses
pH meters, dissolved oxygen Probe, EC meters, Animal Monitoring No Flash Camera System

◆ Forestry Mensuration Instrument
Hypsometer: Blume Leiss Altimeter, Laser Hypsometers, MDL,Laser Ace,
LTI,TruPulse Criterion RD1000 digital dendrometer, Opti-Logic
Ultrasonic Hypsometer Vertex by Haglof Sweden AB,Laser Rangefinders,
Caliper: Digital Caliper, Electronic Caliper Penta prism Caliper
Compasses: Digital Compass KVH DataScope(R),SUUNTO Tandem
Incrtementborers,Drill Chuck for Electric Drill
Clinometers: Suunto Clinometer, Haglof Electronic Clinometer
GIS Digital Clinometer DIGICLINO
Wood Moisture meters: Wood Moisture Meter by Brookhuis , Logica, Bessbolmann

* Tree Inspection
Nondestructive Tomography: PiCUS Sonic Tomograph and
Electronic Caliper PiCUS Caliper by Argus Electronic GmbH
Rsistograph by IML GmbH, Dgital Micro Probe by SIBTEC UK
Fractometer Wood Strength Tester by IML
Timber Grader by Brookhuis Micro Electrincs BV
PILODYM 6J Wood Tester by Proceq

* Tree Shrub Seeds&
We supply quality seeds tree & grass Seeds across the Globe.
Seed List  → SEED-BLOG http://ttiseed.drea