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THE FATHERLESS GENERATION FOUNDATION INC., hosts “The Journey to Reunification” live event with Rapper Che ‘Rhymefest’ Smith during NBA All-Star Weekend

CHICAGO, IL- The Fatherless Generation Foundation Inc. (TFGF) is honored to host The Journey to Reunification.  The live event will be Saturday, February 15, in Chicago at NBA All-Star Weekend.

Dr. Torri J. Evans-Barton of The Fatherless Generation Foundation will be your host & moderator for The Journey to Reunification Panel Discussion with panelist Grammy Award Winning Rapper & Writer Che’ ‘Rhymefest’ Smith, Former NBA Player Glen ‘Big Baby’ Davis, Illinois State Representative LaShawn K. Ford, Mr. Carey Casey, Minister Isiah Williams, and Family Law Attorney Jefferey Leving.  This live event includes a screening of Che’ ‘Rhymefest’ Smith’s documentary, In My Father’s House, as he fights to reunite with his homeless and alcoholic father.  Panelists will discuss what it was like to reunite with their fathers after periods of absence due to choice, incarceration, addictions, legal system, and lies.  

The Journey to Reunification topics include:
Reunited and It Feels So Good, What Next?
What About Incarceration?
Barriers to Reunification
Navigating the challenges to Reunification
The Tragedies & Triumphs to Reunification

The Journey to Reunification Screening & Panel Discussion will be held on Saturday, February 15, 2020, from 12 pm-4 pm at the Regal City North 4DX & IMAX, 2600 N. Western Ave., Chicago, IL 60647.

Media members are invited to join the discussion from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. at the Regal City North 4DX & IMAX. For more information, visit http://www.beyondfatherless.com/.

The Host & Moderator
Dr. Torri J. is the passionate Founder & CEO of The Fatherless Generation Foundation. She is a Certified Cognitive Behavioral Coach & Practitioner, Fatherless & Reunification Expert, State Certified Family Mediator, and a National Speaker on the positive influence reunification of fatherless children with their biological fathers has on all parties involved and how reunification ignites the healing necessary to reduce the impact negative stigmas associated with growing up fatherless are having on our society.  

The Panelists:
Glen "Big Baby" Davis, NBA Celtics, Magic & Clippers and now BIG3
Rep. LaShawn K. Ford, Illinois State Representative
Isiah Williams, Isiah Williams Ministries
Carey Casey, CEO of Championship Fathering
Attorney Jefferey Leving, Dads Right

About The Fatherless Generation Foundation
TFGF reunites fatherless children with their biological fathers all while providing the resources and services that strengthen, support and elevate a commitment to fatherhood and family values. TFGF’s Commitment to Fatherhood program is the helm of the organization working with fathers to re-engage and reunite them back into the lives of their children. TFGF also hosts Beyond Fatherless Peer Groups in Boys & Girls Clubs and Community Centers in 98 cities within 33 states across the country.  TFGF is headquartered in Atlanta with offices in Washington, DC, Miami, Dallas and St. Louis.  

(TFGF) has successfully reunited 3216 fatherless children with their biological fathers.