TGBEX physical bitcoins come in various denominations and are 'the easiest and safest way to invest in bitcoins'

The 'Genesis Edition' coins are limited to 999 of each and come in denominations of 0.5BTC, 1BTC, 2BTC and 5BTC. These coins are made from brass alloys with various finishes.

10BTC and 20BTC coins are made from solid silver (hallmarked by the Birmingham, UK Assay office) and come in 'deluxe' handmade wooden boxes.

TGBEX engrave public and private keys onto the obverse of the coins, with the private key covered by a holographic security sticker and all records of the private keys (other than on the coins) destroyed.

The coins are manufactured in an undisclosed location on the Isle of Man, via a strictly controlled process, with experienced professionals overseeing and signing off on each coin produced.

The private keys are hidden under holographic security stickers, with all records destroyed other than on each coin, so owners can be sure their bitcoins are secure.

All coins are individually numbered and come with a Certificate of Authenticity with a QR code, corresponding to the public address applied to the back, enabling owners to ‘verify’ the bitcoin balance, plus an ‘About Your Bitcoin’ booklet explaining how to check and use the physical bitcoins.

For more visit: www.tgbex.com