The Good Faith Review is the only independent source for mortgage consultation and assistance. We are experienced mortgage professionals, using our expertise to provide insider information—without the sales pitch. Never before has a borrower been given an opportunity to truly have a fighter in their corner. We have no agenda; we aren't here to sell you a loan. We exist solely for the purpose of leveling the lending playing field.

The home finance process is littered with potential landmines. We provide comprehensive consultative services. From comparing your initial Good Faith Estimates (GFE), to reviewing your closing documentation and final HUD-1. We will work with you hand in hand during your entire financing process to ensure that you are not overcharged, baited and switched or thrown into a less-than-favorable loan product.

The Good Faith Review not only makes lending fair and transparent, but we also help borrowers avoid predatory lending practices. Typically borrowers either don’t shop around enough, or don’t understand what they should be considering when comparing loan offers. As a consumer you need a source of true consultative advice from an impartial, experienced party.

The Good Faith Review does not partner with banks, mortgage companies, or lenders. We do not sell your information to generate mortgage leads. We protect you from making the costly mistakes, that you simply cannot afford to do.