One of the easiest crimes to prevent is burglary and it is also one of the most common. Somewhere in the U.S. there's a burglary committed every 15 seconds. According to authorities, the garage door is one of the most vulnerable entrances to a house and intruders are taking full advantage.  Here are garage safety tips you can use to help you keep your family safe and your home and its contents intact.
     The one thing that burglars look for is easy access.
     The harder it is for a burglar to get in, the less likely you are to come back to a burglarized home.
     A burglar is more likely to try getting into a house where there is less chance of being seen.
     Taking away the robber’s hiding place goes a long way toward protecting your house.
There are 211,192,381 owner occupied homes in the United States.  It became apparent that someone needed to create a safeguard system to burglar proof a garage?
The Garage Door Lock presented is an innovative Garage Protector and enhanced for the purpose of safeguarding and securing your garage. The Garage Door Lock wants to be your Garage Shield for your personal property in your garage and be your Garage Door Defender.