The Legacy Makers Activate Missions LLC is a multi-level entrepreneurship liability company that is scheduled to take over the West Coast in Las Vegas, Nevada as well as in northern California, metro Atlanta Area, and metro Washington-Northern Virginia areas. for the vast majority of the business operations across distinguished industries ranging from day trading and network marketing to tax preparation and credit repair services. The company’s name and its concept originated back from the 2019-2020 school year, during Mo Khan’s senior year in high school, as a way to express legends creating legacy by launching missions and with purpose that benefits both community and mankind for all, from homeless to diverse populations in major sectors. Coming from 2021 into this fiscal year, the company now aims to provide potential clients and business partners the opportunity to give fair shot for everyone to win, succeed, and build the capacity of working with less stress, but smartly for the finances they deserve at the end of the day. For decades, many Americans have struggled to showcase the way toward building generational wealth with more results to show off for and display in front of, especially for diverse communities of color across the nation, but that does not have to be the case anymore because the company’s team has the crucial blueprint to overcome these adversities and challenges over the long run. It is advisable that not every investment and time spent is durable, during days of triumph and failures, but the company will function and operate with optimism and pride as the best it has ever done for the Millennial and Gen Z generations as well as for the senior and future cohorts across America and the world.

The company intends to advocate the ideas of acknowledging about no more to paying heavy and taking for student loans just to go to college in hopes of getting a job that requires so much more waiting game, no more to going big or going home with savings and checking money just to earn large for trading and investing, and more importantly, no more waiting on opportunities to knock on doors to start earning income, getting out of hometown, and traveling and working at the same time, at its’ own accord. It has been two years since the beginning of a pandemic lockdown for both the United States and the world, and people are still left out with no job or opportunity to make the best out of their new lives from their previous aspects of their life experiences, which is the primary reason why this company has been established in the first place. Thousands of individuals are still working for more hours, yet bringing home less than what they work for, still losing motivation to stay on top of the game due to lack of guidance and/or reliable connections to make something happen and turn around their lives in their orderly fashion, even after March 2020.

Team leadership and management board will remain aware that investing or trading any sort of capital for businesses and other relevant ventures will not be guaranteed to provide the expected results back to the team, yet it will remain active in ensuring that every business partner and client that works along with the operations and services of the company are given the opportunity to make their own decisions solely based on their financial situations and/or other interests they may have on their side. The company cannot solve every group’s expectations and realities behind their own situations with their social functionalities or finances, but it can work as an emerging task force to be the leader in innovation and adaptability toward rapid development changes of technology and the way entrepreneurship is provided and given back to for many families, friends, and so many others in the communities. This LLC project shall be a testament to the legendary blueprint that will expand and last for a lifetime, and the fact that Mo Khan has worked diligently for nearly two years to get to this point of solidifying the concept behind the company’s name is a blessing to witness not just as a spectator, but as a key young player seeking to create even more astounding players to his side in a lifetime.