. Skin cells continuously reproduce; they migrate to the surface and eventually die off, looking like small flakes. New ones then replace them. The whole cycle is repeated every few weeks so that the skin remains “forever young”.
But despite this constant renewal, unfavorable external and internal factors affect the condition of the skin. Over time it becomes thinner, changes in structure, and several of its functions become harmed. Our skin is like a book that tells of all our past, with signs of wilting, scars and pigmented spots ...
Our bodies, during the creation of new cells, sort of copy our ongoing state with all its imperfections. Each copy becomes worse and worse as it deviates from the “original”.
How do we stop this process of "tainted copying"? How can we help our body restore its young and healthy skin?
Follow us and learn more. We are confident that with the new RecoSMA technology we are very close to answering these seemingly eternal questions.