Am-Mar Innovations, Inc. began in 2011 to develop, manufacture and distribute a line
of products based on the “The Pour Hole Towel” patented concept. It is a towel with a hole in it for the purpose of transferring liquids through from one container, vessel or machine to another. It can be customized of various material; from cloth, to microfiber, to paper; disposable or non, of any color, with or without logo's, of any dimensions suitable to solve one's particular spillage issue, for employee use, promotion or resale. Currently, we are a introducing our latest product available; "The Tank Towel". It was designed to avoid splash-back and dripping on vehicles when refueling or refilling fluids. For more information, photo’s of The Tank Towel in use, to make a purchase from the “Standard” line, or for Customizing a Tank Towel or a towel of any material or size to accommodate a particular spillage issue, visit: THETANKTOWEL.COM