The Great Recession is over but for most Americans life is a daily struggle. Food Stamp roles remain at historically high levels. Today‚Äôs poor are not the same poor of yesteryear.  News reports abound of computer engineers in Silicon Valley living in mobile homes because they cannot afford a place to live. Young people today even those with University Degrees face an unstable job market where salaries are stuck in 1999.
Author and Life Coach  James Varela has turned a lifetime of meeting these challenges into The No Money Book.  Whether the reader is facing debt problems, insurance issues, or consumer related problems or perhaps the reader is  an aspiring business owner or a young person getting started in life, The No Money Book is without peer in giving direction for the challenges  many people today are facing.  James reflects on personal life experiences and  gives direct to the point solutions to problems and does so with the flair of a great storyteller